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Providing data-informed insights to support community impact.

What We Do

We empower teams to build, improve, and implement high quality programs to create meaningful change within and beyond their organization through data-informed decision-making.


Who We Serve

  • National Funders/ Foundations (ex. National Science Foundation [S-STEM, Noyce, STEM+C, ADVANCE], Department of Defense, SAMHSA, US Department of Education, and NASA)

  • State Departments 

  • Regional Offices of Education/Intermediate Service Centers

  • School Districts

  • Institutions of Higher Education

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Policy analysts who impact state/federal legislation

How We Can Help

Goshen is a thought partner who supports programs and systems through program design & evaluation, organizational development, research, and data collection, analysis, & visualization grounded in our values of integrity, relationship-centered work, clarity, and social justice.


Otterbein Noyce

I have greatly appeciated the monthly check-ins. They help to keep our team focused and moving forward. Goshen has been a wonderful sounding board for adapting (less-than-optimal) practices with more effective strategies. It has been a very positive experience.

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