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Our Story

Goshen was founded in 2009 as an education-focused firm providing evaluation, research, and data interpretation services to school districts, universities, and informal education organizations. Goshen now leads more than 50 projects annually with 14+ team members. Continuing to excel in providing educational evaluation services, in 2022 Goshen added a wide range of program design and evaluation services within the mental health prevention and early intervention space, as well as organizational development services.     


Our Mission

Goshen is a thought partner who supports programs and systems through program design & evaluation, organizational development, research, and data collection, analysis, & visualization grounded in our values of integrity, relationship-centered work, clarity, and social justice.

Our Vision

Data-informed decision-making empowers teams to build, improve, and implement high quality programs to create meaningful change within and beyond their organization.
Our Values 


We approach our work in a transparent, ethical, and confidential manner.


We ground our work in relationships built upon trust, respect, authenticity, and humility with an emphasis on growth and community-building.



We transform data into accessible, actionable, and innovative tools and reports.

Social Justice

We strive to explore the complexities of context, intersectionality, and equity in our work to center and value all voices and support change-making solutions.

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