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Our Services

Goshen is a thought partner who supports programs and systems through program design & evaluation, organizational development, research, and data collection, analysis, & visualization grounded in our values of integrity, relationship-centered work, clarity, and social justice.

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Program Design

We can help you with the process of developing and implementing programs that create sustainable impact, as well as determine how to systematically assess programs designed to improve social conditions and our individual and collective well-being through:

·    Selecting key desired outcomes and/or research questions

·    Clarifying activities and beneficiaries of the program

·    Identifying what to measure and how (study design and indicators)

·    Establishing an evaluation plan

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Data Visualization

We can help you see your whole program and all of its interacting components in one glance through a custom interactive data dashboard. Our interactive dashboards allow for a broader point of view, prompting questioning and creative thinking. You will not only get answers to questions you have already asked, but you will start asking questions and getting answers to components you have not yet considered. Check out these sample dashboards:

Excel Interactive Dashboard


Power BI

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Program Evaluation

We can help you establish a systematic method for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting your data to examine the effectiveness and efficiency of your programs, as well as provide recommendations that can contribute to continuous program improvement.

Evaluation methodologies vary among projects, but usually focus on an outcomes-based approach with the development of a logic model, SMART goals, and clear indicators that demonstrate the accomplishment of the desired outcome. Additional competencies include, process-based evaluation and fidelity-based evaluation.

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Data Collection, Analysis, & Interpretation

We can help you collect and analyze data in ways that reveal relationships, patterns, and trends. Through this data interpretation, we establish recommendations and presenting the findings in a meaningful way your team can use to adapt and enhance your program impact.

Methods are frequently mixed, utilizing both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Quantitative methods may include, general linear modeling, path analysis, as well as typical significance testing and other descriptive statistics. Qualitative methods often include, narrative analysis, focus groups and individual interviewing incorporating a naturalistic inquiry approach.

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Organizational Development

We can help you identify areas in which you can make strategic changes to grow, innovate, and improve engagement within your organization  through the alignment of strategy, structure, and metrics using data-informed decision-making. Some activities could include:

  • Developing a Vision and Strategy for Change (Strategic Action Planning, Mission, Vision, Values refresh, etc.)

  • Leadership Development and Coaching

  • Staff Engagement Surveys and Assessments

  • Board Development and Sustainability Planning 

  • Staff Training/Professional Development Planning 

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Clear and Concise Reports

We pride ourselves in providing straightforward reporting. We know that you, your board and/or funder need short, digestible reports that allow you to see your data and make decisions. We provide reports that highlight key findings and help you track your progress. Our goal is for you to be able to hand our report directly to your board without any trimming, interpreting, or editing. See two samples below:

Sample Department of Defense Report for Grantee O’Fallon Township High School

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Our data warehouse projects often involve the aggregation of multiple data sets to identify common metrics to lead and inform broad initiatives. We use a systematic process, often using both quantitative and qualitative approaches, to assess a program, practice, activity, or system with the purpose of identifying information that will be beneficial in decision-making.

We can engage in an exploratory research process to lay the foundation for more conclusive data collection and analysis, a descriptive research process to describe the behavior of a sample population, or an explanatory process to help understand the impact of specific changes within existing program, processes, or systems. 

Educator Shortage Survey: Fall 2022 Administration for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

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STEMKAMP is a 5-day summer camp that offers hands-on STEM experiences for 3rd through 8th grade students at military-connected schools in ten different locations across the United States from North Dakota to Texas, and from Alaska to New Jersey.

STEMKAMP provides fun, hands-on, immersive activities that connect problem-solving and critical thinking skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to help students explore a wide range of STEM careers, and gain the self-confidence and motivation to continue a path toward a STEM career. STEMKAMP is made possible through a $2.8 million grant from the Department of Defense.

Our Focus Areas

We serve people, communities, and organizations who work to improve education and mental health prevention and early intervention.

Students & Educators 

  • At-Risk Student Identification/ Monitoring

  • Social Emotional Learning

  • STEM Education

  • Educator/School Support

  • Informal Education

  • Educator Recruitment and Retention

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

Organizations & Systems 


  • ​School Climate/Culture

  • Diversity in STEM

  • Diversity in K-12 Educators/Mental Health Staff

  • College Access

  • Organizational Climate/Culture

  • Organizational Development

Children & Families


  • Out of School Time (Summer Camp / After-School)

  • Early Childhood

  • Positive Youth Development 

  • Literacy 

  • World Languages


  • Military Connected

  • Rural and Urban

  • Economically Suppressed

  • Colleges/Universities

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