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Amber Lewis, MSW

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Outside of Goshen, Amber enjoys singing, exploring parks with her little one, and baking with a good audiobook.

About Amber

Amber is an evaluator and social worker who has been supporting the evaluation efforts of funders and nonprofits in the St. Louis region for six years, in addition to previous direct service experience in college access and trauma focused therapy. Amber received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Washington University in St. Louis and her master’s degree in social work from Washington University’s Brown School of Social Work. As a Researcher at Goshen, based in St. Louis, she has led evaluation projects for local education-focused nonprofits and a variety of National Science Foundation grants seeking to promote equity in STEM within secondary and higher education. She is also an active member of the Evaluation Association of St. Louis. 


Amber works with program teams to understand how to define and measure program success, from developing logic models and instrumentation to data collection, analysis, and reporting. She seeks to provide both quantitative and qualitative analysis in ways that are engaging, offer actionable insights, and are informed by the collaboration and voices of diverse stakeholders. She is passionate about making data accessible and empowering clients to ask and answer questions that meaningfully affect and improve their work on behalf of others.

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