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Miranda Chen Musgrove, PhD

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Outside of Goshen, you can find Miranda volunteering with her church community, trying out new international recipes, and striking up new adventures with her husband, Matthew, and two kiddos, Samuel and Anna Marie.

About Miranda

Miranda brings over 10 years of experience as an ecologist, science education researcher, adjunct faculty in biological sciences, and program evaluator. An active scholar, Miranda has published 12 manuscripts across two disciplines and presented her work both nationally and internationally. Miranda was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where she earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Biology at York University. Finding her passion for education research, mentoring, and working with faculty and students, Miranda packed up and moved to the United States to work on her doctorate and post-doctoral research, investigating anxiety and coping, sense of belonging, self-efficacy, and networks among educators in higher education. 


Miranda is currently a Researcher at Goshen Education Consulting, where she takes all her science education research skills to help evaluate STEM programs for federally funded initiatives. She loves working with clients to determine their program evaluation needs, collect and interpret data, and improve these programs to positively impact their community.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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